Monday, February 23, 2015

Worth a read

Advanced Weaving class, Fibers Program, College of Visual
Arts and Design, UNT
So after coming back from Kuwait, I found that I thought I knew more about sadu textiles than I actually did. I thought that I was absorbing so much, but when it came down to it, more slide through the cracks in my brain than actually stuck. This was very apparent when I brought some sadu examples to my textile class at UNT. I did not think to refresh on sadu weaving and design terms and realized right then, that I need to dig in some more.


I was given two excellent books while in Kuwait, the first is called Al Sadu: the techniques of Bedouin weaving by Anne-Rhona Crichton (weaving consultant at Sadu House 1983-1988). In it, is an exceptional breakdown of the techniques of creating these warp faced weavings. Crichton takes the main design components of the sadu and visually diagrams each part of how it is made. She makes sure we understand the terms used for each of these design elements and gives drawings for everything!This is a great resource book not only for sadu weaving, but for learning how to create designs on any horizontal or vertical loom.

The second book I was given is written by Sheikha Altaf Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, the founder and patron of the Al Sadu Society. Ibjad: Ornate tent dividers and weavings of the Kuwait desert is an in depth look that looks at how sadu was used and its relationship to culture, community, and individuality. "Behind every woven piece and textile is a weaver and a story." There are exquisite images of the sadu weavings, a look into the symbolism and descriptive information on the tent dividers. What I really like about this book is that it presents sadu with a reverence - showing the value is this cloth and the importance it holds within Bedouin culture and beyond.

More to come! But until then, I will be brushing up on my terminology!