Monday, August 10, 2015

Step by step to new Collaborations and Community

I am excited that over the last month and into the next ones, I will be a part of a collaboration of individuals working to bring a new exhibition and project to Kuwait. One of the most exciting parts of travel is when you meet people along the way (I call them pieces of a puzzle) who end up fitting perfectly together.

The Beit Al Sadu is such a treasure in the middle of Kuwait City. It is composed of an extraordinary group of mostly women, who are actively and passionately working to preserve the tradition and future of Sadu weaving. Led by Sheikha Altaf Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, a leading scholar on Sadu, this organization continues to think of how to reach more people, get them excited about the tradition of handwoven Sadu, and provide opportunities for the weavers who have been a part of generations artisans who are uniquely skilled to carry on this tradition.

As a part of an outreach opportunity, I am able to continue my relationship with Al Sadu through the Fulbright Specialist program. Again, I will be partnering with Beit Al Sadu on a unique project that marries my interactive textile work with a focus on bringing a new perspective on sadu weaving to the regional community. Through a design partnership with eWOODworking, I will be collaborating with Emad and Shelby Allahoe to develop components for an interactive exhibition based around the woven sadu story.

Emad and Shelby are amazing to work with and have been gracious with their time and skills. We have been able to work across oceans thanks to WhatsApp and Skype. I could not imagine tackling a partnership like this without them. It is wonderful to see such unique skills sets come together to solve problems in order to design and develop something that neither of us had imagined before.

Without giving too much away, this blog will serve to highlight the progress we are making. I hope you enjoy!

 (Always wear gloves, your fingertips will thank you)
In progress images from my studio in Texas and Emad's in Oregon and Kuwait. More the come!