Sunday, May 22, 2016

New things happening at Al Sadu House

Al Dowayan's work in the foreground, with Sadu weaving just behind.
I admit I was thinking that I would hit the ground and start writing...but I am days behind!

From Tuesday - It was great to land (although it was 3:30am) and within the next 6 hours,be in one of my favorite places, the Beit Al Sadu. During my last trip to Kuwait in Januray 2015, I was able to be introduced not only to this organization and weaving center, but to Sheikha Altaf Al-Sabah, who has such vision and passion for textiles. Once again, I was surrounded by sadu textiles, eating dates (which is a magic jet lag cure) and meeting once again with an amazing group, including Sheikha Altaf, Shelby Allaho and Manal Al Dowayan.
I felt as though no time passed from my last visit to this one. I was thrilled to walk in and see a work by Manal, titled Sidelines, prominently displayed. Here is a little about the work, in her own words.

"There exists a generation of woman who were, at one point, known artisans among their communities and through the fast paced modernization of Saudi Arabia and the active urbanization of Bedouins, have lost their craft and fallen into poverty. I aim to highlight the unique beauty of their craft but juxtapose it against the neglect that these women have suffered."
A detail of Bisht Better Have My Money by Aziz Al-Humaidhi
Muneera Alsharhan in front of her work for SADI. She is a trained metalsmith but decided to explore a new media through this project.
This was just one of the works from the latest initiative at Al Sadu, called SADI, Sadu Art and Design Initiative. This project was curated by artist Cheyda Oskay. For several months, she met once a week with Kuwait based artists and designers to explore sadu weaving - and as artists, to create new work in response to what they were learning, felt, or discovered. I arrived just in time for the opening that evening, being able to meet many of the artists and hear about their work. In many cases, they explored new media, allowing this initiative to broaden their studio practice.
There are so many great works from the exhibition, but I only seemed to photograph the few you see now. Check out @saduhouse on Instagram for profiles on each artist.


  1. I'm glad I was able to see some of the SADI work still on display on Saturday. It's a wonderful thing to constantly be surrounded by creativity and passion. Since the woven paintings workshop, I've felt my creative juices flowing more freely. And even though it's hot as heck outside, the desire to wander has me getting out even if for only 20 minutes at a time to observe the world around me. :)

    1. Wonderful Tammy! By the way, do you have any pics from the SADI exhibition? We are trying to find some good ones!

  2. I didn't go to the exhibition. Only took pictures the day of the weaving workshop. I have a friend who went and have asked her if she has any.