Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Some highlights from earlier last week

May 18th-ish
There are countless things I have decided to say yes to- despite not really knowing what would happen, what step to take next, or frankly what I was doing. I am very glad that when the opportunity to work in Kuwait opened very unexpectedly well over a year ago, that I said yes.
I have been able to work through the US Embassy during these two trips to Kuwait, and actively share and work alongside them with the initiatives we are promoting. This morning, Sheikha Altaf and I were able to meet with the cultural affairs department to share the upcoming Weaving Stories exhibition with them. Charles Cole (Counselor for Public Affairs), Nadia Ziyadeh (Cultural Affairs Officer), and Shaimaa Ebrahim (Cultural Affairs Specialist) were gracious and very open to hearing our ideas and share their interest. I find that work the Embassy promotes very valuable and necessary. It allows distinct cultures to collaborate, share common interests, and in our case, find ways to work together for a common goal.

When days start out this well, they only get better.

A stop at the Blocks and Indian Heritage (this deserves its own blog post) then indigo dyeing at the Sadu House for the upcoming Woven Paintings workshop!

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