Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some worthwhile videos

Sometimes photos are not enough. Here are a few videos I shot that I thought worthwhile to post.
Hope you get a better sense of Kuwait through them!
An event with the great Kuwaiti organization Spread the Passion at the Modern Art Museum, great band!
The leading of the prize winning sheep - did I mentioned that one of these could buy you a Ferrari! Seriously!
A traditional sword dance at the Heritage Village -
Fabulous work by the Kuwaiti artist Bader Al Mansour - such a creative and prolific artist!
Yet another by Al Mansour. I wish you could hear the music.
A bit of the Arabian Gulf for you all - quite beautiful to see.
A little of my drive every morning through Kuwait - along the Gulf Road
Dar Al  Athar Al Islamiyah (Amricani) Museum - excellent show of Islamic arts from millennia ago - with the added bonus of a music group practicing in the background!
Right outside of the Beit Al Sadu - misting that night with the call to prayer cutting through

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